oh my go!sh mathematics

Almost the entire cohort takes either H1 Math or H2 Math because it is a pre-requisite for most university courses. Unless you are very sure that you are not going to take a course in university that needs H1 or H2 Math as a pre-requisite subject, I am sure you do not want to be the odd one out not taking Math. Besides the practical reasons, there is still some beauty that lies in this subject. For the Math enthusiasts out there, it is definitely intellectually satisfying. Other than the list of formulas that you have to memorise, there is not much to memorise for Math. You start with a few key concepts and then go on to explore how you apply these concepts to solve different types of questions.

The H2 Math curriculum is more closely related to Additional Math topics such as differentiation and integration that you have already been exposed to in Junior High.  H2 Mathematics serves to build up on some of the concepts that you have been introduced to in Junior High. Hence it is slightly more demanding in this aspect. However, you should be able to grasp these concepts if you are consistent in your work. That is, if you pay attention during lectures, read your lecture notes (in detail) after lecture and complete your tutorial questions diligently to check your understanding. The self-practice attached behind tutorials also serves to expose students to a wider range of questions and consolidate their learning for that particular topic. If you understand your concepts very well and practise sufficiently, you should be able to do fine.

To add on, statistics also constitute a major part of the H2 Math curriculum. Though the topics are rather foreign to most of us and the content may be quite abstract as well, it can be a refreshing change. To put it across simply, statistics can be seen as different models that help to calculate probability of different scenarios and do predictions. Statistics is useful in almost all industries including Business, Psychology and Sociology.  Though it is not entirely linked to the part on Pure Math, the learning skill is still the same. Do your due diligence by reading lecture notes in detail and be consistent in preparing tutorials.

This is what my math tutor, Miss Emmeline Lau, Head of Senior High Math Department, has to say:


H2 Mathematics and H2 Further Mathematics

The syllabus of all Mathematics subjects will be revised and a new subject will be offered from the year 2016.

H2 Mathematics is designed to prepare students for a wide range of university courses, including mathematics, sciences and related courses, where a good foundation in mathematics is required. The revised H2 Mathematics syllabus is designed to be manageable for all science students. It develops mathematical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for further learning of various disciplines in the university. In fact, most science courses require H2 Mathematics as a pre-requisite subject. It is important to note that students should have a strong foundation in Mathematics in Junior High as the syllabus is designed to build on what you have learnt previously.

H2 Further Mathematics is designed for students who are mathematically-inclined and who wish to further expand and deepen their knowledge of mathematics and its applications. Students will develop advanced mathematical thinking and reasoning skills and learn a wider range of mathematical methods and tools. This will give a head-start to students who plan to study mathematics or mathematics-related university courses such as science and engineering in the form of a stronger and richer foundation in mathematics. H2 Further Mathematics must be taken with H2 Mathematics as ‘Double Mathematics’. It is important to note that students taking H2 Further Mathematics will not be allowed to drop as there is no corresponding H1 subject that they can drop to.

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