oh my go!sh Biology

I suppose many of you might be wondering whether taking up biology in Senior High would be a good choice. As a biology student myself, here are advice and encouragement for students considering biology.

First and foremost, you need to be passionate about the subject in order to sustain your interest in it. Biology will be a content heavy subject that requires consistent effort and therefore last minute cramming may no longer earn you the grades you desire. Instead, preparing for and listening attentively during lectures and tutorials, as well as diligent practice to hone skillful answering technique, is the way to go. With a solid understanding of the topics as well as a decent memory, an A for biology is definitely possible. If you do your due diligence, it will all pay off in the end!

Beyond that, biology is actually a very interesting and fun subject to learn and what’s more, the biology teachers are very dedicated and patient, and they try to make lessons more interesting by attempting to crack a few jokes! Here are a few wise words from my biology teacher.

“Hi Y4s! As you decide whether to take up Biology in Senior High, my advice is for you to go with your heart for it is where you find passion in learning and hopefully meaning in your life (literally as Biology is the study of life!). For me, I chose Biology because I am a nature lover and it has enabled me to take a step closer to studying Marine Biology in University. Looking back, I do not regret this decision because it has enriched my life in many aspects. Up till today, I am still pursuing my interest in ecology and speaking up for our biodiversity through the seashore surveys that I regularly conduct during my free time and also documenting the trips on my nature blog. 


Though the focus of A-level Biology is more molecular, it will help you better appreciate the complexities of what governs the different processes of life. You will also get to learn new stuffs such as bacteria and viruses (influenza, HIV), DNA Fingerprinting (forensic science), gene cloning, genetically modified organisms, whether immortality is attainable, molecular understanding of cancer and also diversity and evolution. What you will study in Biology will give you that solid foundation and edge over others when you want to pursue Biology-related courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Wish you all the best!”  

  • Mr Loh Kok Sheng

If you ever choose to take up biology, I hope you will do so not because it is the lesser of two evils, but even if that’s the case, I hope you will find joy in studying the subject! Senior High will be a major transition from Junior High, so here’s wishing you all the best for your Senior High journey and may you choose your subjects wisely!

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