Here’s To Hamiltonians

By: Elizabeth Tay

A tribute to Hamilton: An American Musical

I am one of several million
You’ve become a phenomenon
We’re helpless at the sound of you
We’re usually a mess when we leave you

I saw your live show by accident
Immediately, I was drawn like sailor to siren
An instant fan you made out of me
An instantaneous breath you take away so graciously

I could never say no to you
Any song would save me from the blues
Thank goodness for your cast album
Topped the charts, I knew that you’d triumph

I am a writer by ‘profession’
Your words became an obsession
But a dancer in my heart, your musicality,
Ahh, such personality

By your Ten Duel Commandments
You spoke out about gun violence
You’ve travelled oceans and continents
Connected with students and grandparents

A classical theatrical spectacle
A revolution in your own right, simply magical
Rise, both global citizens and Americans
Sing with me: “Here’s to Hamiltonians!”

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