To Whom It May Concern

By: Gwendolyn Say

It is the first word, spoken with regret and perhaps a tinge of guilt, that hints of rejection. Or, it is the crumbling; the collapsing of everything familiar and safe that throws your world into disequilibrium. Perhaps, when you’re at your worst, it is a step into a rain puddle that brings you down.

But, do not, for a second, doubt the glimmer of the stars in the sky or deny the gentle caress of the wind. Do not holler at the gentle flowers or rage at the falling rain, because all the scents in the world exist only if you are breathing. Do not forget to look up at the clouds and when there are none, archive the shade of blue that tirelessly awaits you after the storm. Whenever possible, dive into a pool and take note of the way thousands of tiny bubbles embrace you just before they escape into the atmosphere. Recall the taste of sparkling soda on your tongue. Memorise the tickling softness of a puppy’s fur, and the melody of your favourite song – every beat and every tune.

Remember to remember everything that makes you human and alive, even when the world beats you up for it.

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