8 reasons why our school is basically Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

By: Soh Xin Yi

For those not in the know, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is a fictitious school for teenagers with special skills in the X-Men universe.

Think that school is unrelated to the superheroes you see in movies and read about in comics? Here are 8 reasons why the two share more similarities than you think.


  1. Just like how the institute relocated to the Massachusetts Academy in Western Massachusetts (X-Men volume 2 #38), Dunman High was originally located at Dunman Road before moving to 10 Tanjong Rhu Road.
  1. Despite being protected by numerous avant-garde defenses, the Xavier Institute has often been breached by iniquitous The haze, anyone? Last year’s haze situation saw the school temporarily closed for due to the hazardous weather conditions.
  1. The marching song turns everyone into Quicksilver Literally. The last few bars of the marching song have seen people dashing from the canteen to the Parade Square at speeds comparable to that of an Olympics 100m dash medallist.
  1. Like Sway, we can all time travel. Except we’ve got half her abilities. Time seems to zoom past when we’re asleep, and seem to freeze in place when we’re struggling to stay awake. Unfortunately, we can never seem to travel back in time to relive those missed lectures.
  1. Similar to how mutant teenagers learn more about their special powers at the Xavier Institute, school is where most of us develop our hidden skills in languages, humanities, and/or the sciences.
  1. Mimic’s abilities are ubiquitous in our school compound, with students referencing each other’s work, be it on Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures for Chemistry, or on compound interest for Financial Literacy.
  1. DC versus Marvel? Our school’s inter-house competitions raise the same level of fervour and competitiveness, with everyone staunchly rooting for their own team.
  1. Crossovers are completely normal. Just like the crossover novel between X-men and the characters of Star Trek, various subjects combine to provide more challenges (and, dare I say, more sleepless nights) to your life, such as Geography and History joining together to form the Integrated Humanities task.

What do you think? Do Dunman High School and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters share many similarities?


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