Cats vs Dogs

Many of us are animal lovers. Though different people like different animals, most animal lovers can be classified into 2 groups: cat lovers and dog lovers. Personally, I am a cat lover. I like finding cats in the neighbourhood and watch cat videos. Why, you ask? Read on to find out!

#1 Cats are cuter than dogs… Especially pugs. Why else would the creators of Shrek create the character of Puss in Boots instead of Pug in Boots?

#2 Cats are more intelligent than dogs. Everyone has watched or at least heard of the movie Garfield, right? In the movie, Odie (a dog) gets into trouble at every opportunity while Garfield (a cat) has to save him every time he gets into trouble. Though you may argue that this only happens in the movies, compare the regular state of dogs to the regular state of cats (when they are not sleeping). Dogs seem eager to please while cats seem to just mind their own business, right? This is because of the different conclusions they make when humans care for them. To the dogs: They are so nice to me, so they must be gods! To the cats: They are so nice to me, so I must be god! Pause a moment for that to sink in… We have been taken advantage of by cats all these years! Of course, this also reflects their intelligence!

#3 Cats do great gymnastics. When a cat drops from a height, it first determines up from down using its eyes or its vestibular apparatus. After doing so, they bend in the middle so that the front and back halves of the cat’s body rotate about different axes. The cats then increase or decrease the moment of inertia by extending or tucking in their rear or front legs. The cats manoeuvre until they are upright, and subsequently spread their bodies to increase drag. The result is a ball of fur landing gracefully after being dropped from a height. Cool, right? Have you heard of the “myth” that cats will always land on their feet? Well, it’s not a myth because it is in fact, true!

#4 Cats have a better sense of hygiene than dogs.On the other hand, dogs seldom groom themselves. Dead skin cells and dander are left on the dog, and this, together with perspiration, creates an odour. Cats spend about 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves using their barbed tongue to lick and comb through their fur, and digging out dirt using their teeth. At areas where they are unable to reach using their tongue (i.e. their face), they lick their paws to moisten them before using them to wash the fur there.

P.S. This post merely provides an alternative viewpoint as to why I prefer cats to dogs. No offence to dog-lovers.


By: Lin Hui Qing, 5C31

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