Donald Trump’s rhetoric


Opportunist? Cr.


With a red cap that screams “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and a red handheld loudspeaker that echoes the same words, Donald J. Trump sure is a hard man to miss. His latest call to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. should not surprise anyone. Some might even call it strategic as he finds an excuse to drop out of the presidential race (just so he can say he didn’t lose it).


Many mock him, jeer at him and even built anti-campaigns for him, like the presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. That’s fine. We could live with that. Trump used to be funny when the Internet was peppered with memes (like his hair superimposed on a corn) and people instinctively laughed it off as a ruse to inspire more millions into the Trump Empire and earn ratings for his TV show ‘The Apprentice’.


Not anymore. What’s worrying now is the support he’s getting from huge crowds, drawing from states like Alabama, New Hampshire and South Carolina. He’s blazing a trail of destruction through his populist remarks and hate speeches, creating a visible new divide amongst the American population. People are taking him seriously, and that’s terrifying.

By: Megan Ng, 5C24

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