oh my go!sh Project Work  

Nah…You do not really have a choice for this subject as it is compulsory for all Year 5 students. You will be randomly assigned to a group consisting of 4 to 5 students to complete the entire Project Work together.

Components involved Percentage/%
1.        Group Project File (GPP) – individual work

§           Preliminary Ideas (PI)

§           Evaluation of Materials (EoM)

§           Insights and Reflections (I&R)

2.        Group Project Proposal (GPP) – group effort 0 (but very important as well!!)
3.        Written Report (WR) – group effort 40
4.        Oral Presentation – both individual work and group effort 40

Teacher’s words

Project Work is a learning experience which aims to provide you with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real life situations. This process, which enhances your knowledge and enables you to acquire skills like collaboration, communication and independent learning, prepares you for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead.

While you learn to work in groups, you will also learn independently through self-reflection and evaluation of your own work processes. These learning outcomes exist in dynamic interplay rather than as compartmentalised and distinct categories.

While you may have heard that it can indeed be an exhausting journey, rest assured that it will be an extremely unique and fruitful one. Being well-read and having the ability to think critically and creatively will aid you in this year-long process. Picking up simple designing skills will also come in handy when crafting your final Written Report.

Of course, being consistent in handing in quality drafts is essential for you to do well in this subject. All the best for your upcoming PW journey!

Seniors’ Words

Brighter side Darker side
There were only a few bumps at the start of the journey, eventually our team settled into a very comfortable working style. It took me by a little surprise as it had so many demands and requirements; what made it more difficult were the numerous commitments and expectations you have to juggle.
I really enjoy working with my group. Tiring, hectic.
You learn more from it than any other projects. You really get to work both individually and in groups One challenge is the exchange of ideas, one tends to be very sentimental towards one’s ideas.
My team is really on task in completing individual sections, this allows us to fully utilise our tutorial time to generate more ideas and to clarify doubts that we might have with one another and our tutor. At the start of the PW journey, we face problems such as miscommunication with teammates, difficulty in understanding the requirement of the PW task given, etc. These add on to our stress and also affecting the standard of work.

Learning points from seniors

  • Be independent, be diligent, be open and receptive.


  • Be responsible: It is more than doing your work, it is also about making sure that others carry their weight. Being in a group means everything from setting up a system that you are comfortable with to agreeing on the smallest details.
  • Have a strike system: If a teammate is not pulling his or her weight for 3 times, an intervention will definitely need to happen. During tutorials, we will make subtle hints on the need to complete work on time. I also decided to ask if the team member if he/she is busy or had some family matters. I think that every time this happens, communication is really important. I know it is easier said than done, however, this is more than A level grades. This is an important skill needed when one steps into the working world.


  • The S.B.I technique.

S – Situation    B – Behaviour    I- Impact

When confronting a teammate, be objective and factual. Try not to bring up matters that do not relate to this journey.

Explain to him/her the task at hand or the situation, tell him/her about his/her behaviour during this task and what is his/her impact.

  • For instance, we are supposed to complete the first draft of the written report last night before the consultation with our teacher today, however because the section is not done, we are unable to seek the teacher for consultation, leaving us with less time to make the much needed edits to our proposal before the dateline.
  • Sort things out instead of complaining. If someone is not doing something right, tell him/her. Every team has a different dynamic, but having a sense of humility and overcoming the fear to confront are important skills to practise during this journey.
  • Working together is one of the best ways to unfold people. You might lose some friends, and gain worthy ones.
  • The only bumps in the road that we experienced is at the start of the journey, where my team leader and myself will find ourselves the only ones left to finish off the work while the others rested. It felt really unjust and unfair as this is not the first time this has happened. However, we decided to deal with this maturely and objectively. Product is something that we did not wish to compromise.


  • Avoid second person terms like “you” so one will be more objective instead of coming off as a personal attack.
  • Seek consultation with your Supervising Tutor often.
  • Being fair does not mean being equal. Being equal is sometimes useless and even harmful.
  • It is quite painful to delete many ideas to meet word count, however it is of best interest to only keep ideas which really help the problem the team is solving.
  • Keep innovation and creativity going as the best ideas always come in those whacky thoughts. Even though these ideas may not be chosen by your teammates, it allows a lot more flexibility and keeps the team morale up. Never underestimate how innovation can make the journey a fruitful and fun one! Be creative!
  • I believe the best way to approach this subject, I would think, is to look at it with an open mind (not just for the generation of ideas), and of course, to make the best out of the time you are spending with your comrades.
  • PW is a subject out of the norm. This is what independent learning will look like. You are the one deciding how much you will benefit from it


Example Lecture Slides

pw1 pw2 pw3 pw4

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