Take a break from mugging: A guide to (some of) Singapore’s museums and galleries

Trust me, holidays are not all about studying. In fact, local museums aren’t all 100% play either – they provide us with experiences above and beyond everyday classroom learning, and provokes critical thinking. So why not take a well-deserved break while learning about the past, present and future at the same time?

WHERE: Singapore Art Museum

WHY: It’s cool, counter-culture and hip! Not only does it have many Instagram-worthy photo stops, the exhibitions are thought provoking with many out-of-the-box concepts and ideas. Be sure to uncover the artworks layer by layer to find out the hidden meanings – deliberately left unspoken by each artist.

WHAT: After Utopia – delve into the fictional island “Utopia” and experience the juxtapositions between the ideal and reality, and after which you might then reconsider what you deem as the “perfect place” in this society and age. Explore different variations of communism in Legacies Left and grasp at the intangible at Other Edens. You can also head over to SAM at 8Q where the exhibition President’s Young Talents is being showcased. Participate in an interactive game during necropolis for those without sleep, which is premised on an asymmetry of power and disequilibrium of democracy in the twenty-first century.


Picture by Yi Xuan


(Source: http://intersection.sg/country/cambodia/)


Picture by Yi Xuan


Picture by Yi Xuan


Picture by Yi Xuan


Picture by Yi Xuan


(Source: http://www.fodors.com/news/5-reasons-to-go-to-singapore-right-now-7215)

WHERE: ArtScience Museum

WHY: Enjoy incredible and one-of-a-kind exhibits that encapsulates creativity through art, science, media, architecture and technology. It is also a great place for family bonding, as there are many little nooks and fun corners that encourage curiosity and exploration.

WHAT: Catch your favorite characters in the making at DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition (you have until 27 September!) or perhaps you would rather dive into the deep sea and learn about the mysteries of the ocean floor at The Deep. Alternatively, you can also learn about Singapore’s timeline through the 170-year-old archives of The Straits Times at Singapore STories, and rekindle one’s own sense of national identity and pride.


(Source: http://arthop.co/gallery/deck)


WHY: Photography enthusiasts – this is your calling! Celebrate and appreciate the art of photography in the heart of Singapore. Boasting an urban yet creative exterior with the use of shipping containers, DECK marks the coming of age of art photography in the region and serves as an opportunity to bring this art form to greater heights.

WHAT: Soak in the creativity and wonder of 34 young artists from Noise Singapore’s The Apprenticeship Programme as they come together to present a group exhibition c. 2015, in which their works interrogate the self in relation to time.

By: Tay Yi Xuan, 5C11

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