SG50 Carnival

As a devoted member of the Homa House Committee, Wen Qin worked ceaselessly to bring pride and glory to her house in the SG50 Carnival. In this short interview, she recollects on some of the unforgettable moments.

Megan: I understand that it has been a tiring yet fulfilling period for you, so what is the most memorable part of SG50 Carnival to you?

Wen Qin: (laughs) The most memorable moment actually happened a day before Sports Carnival when both Student Council and House Committee were setting up booths. Somebody randomly shouted, “ Let’s do the flash mob again!” Spontaneously, we sang the lyrics of the song all by ourselves and danced on the sand with the backdrop of the sun setting behind us. It felt pretty good since it was so impromptu and everyone felt really hyped up!

Megan: During the entire journey that has been new to you, what are some of your key takeaways?

Wen Qin:  I think communication is very important, it keeps everyone on track and well informed on what’s happening especially on planning such a large-scale event. Furthermore, I think the committee worked so well only because we had such good rapport and mutual understanding with our tight schedules. I’m very thankful for them.

Megan: What were some of the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

Wen Qin: Time, or the lack thereof, was the biggest constraint. I had to go back to school repeatedly during the holidays, my breaks were no longer breaks and it was just in entirety, very tiring. My friends pulled me through with their encouragement and just thinking of the satisfaction when I see the smiles of my friends really keeps me going on.

Megan: Do you have anything to say to your fellow House Committee members and Homanites?

Wen Qin: I would first like to say a very big thank you to all the Homanites for giving me the chance to do all these, yes it is tiring and yes it is difficult but I can’t put into words how blessed I feel to be here serving all of you. I remember during our first inauguration during orientation, Jessica (then Homa House Captain) said something like “Homa has heart”. I can’t agree any further. To my fellow House Committee members, thank you for putting up with me and embracing me so warmly. I sincerely look forward to many more happy times with all of you.

Interviewee: Foo Wen Qin, 5C24

Interviewed by : Megan Ng, 5C24

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