D’HumOUR #3: Fish Out of Water


“When I’m soaking in my bath
I dump you in the tub
There’s no need to say another word,
You had me at “Glub”

Your bowl became my world,
So my world is empty now
All my love’s caught in your filter
It needs to get to you somehow

They say that there’s plenty of fish in the sea
but you’re the only one for me,
Without you, I’m a fish out of water,
I’m hooked, please throw a line to me…”

– An ode to Biff from Buford

Any Phineas and Ferb fans here? No?

Fan or not, write down your own take on this picture, and stand a chance to win $10 Popular vouchers! Hint: It doesn’t have to be a sonnet to your lost pet fish.

4 thoughts on “D’HumOUR #3: Fish Out of Water

  1. “This is captain speaking. Thank you for join us on our maiden flight of Human-747. Flight 123 taking off, destination, the ball thingy. Estimated arrive time, 12:00 local time. We will be in air for about 0.01 seconds. Thank you once again for choosing Fishy Air.”

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