Something’s coming… D’HumOUR!

GandalfNow, after this yearly struggle for the triumph of the human spirit, I am sure that a lot of us are looking a little worse for wear. After the traumatic experiences of drinking coffee by the barrel, of cramming a year’s worth of biology within a single night, of trying (and failing) to come up with nonsensical mnemonics in an attempt to memorize formulas, our emotional psyches need a little TLC.

As such, DHS Publications has decided to launch D’HumOUR, our very first comedy writing competition, to bring back a little fun during the post – mortem.

A picture will be released every week on Hoot!, and all you need to do is to bring out your inner Jerry Seinfeld, and pen down the most humorous description you can think of.


  • Every entry must describe the picture in 50 words or less
  • Submissions can be written in either English or Mandarin
  • Submissions that contain abusive language will not be accepted


  • 2 winners will be chosen for each language every week
  • Every winner will receive a $10 Popular voucher

Here’s an example to get the ball rolling:

competition example

Bennunus used Dazzle! The Drakons are blinded and fall to the sand…

… though I’m sure you all can do better. So get your pens ready and your writer’s retreat set up, we look forward to your submissions, and happy writing! 🙂

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