Kaleidoscope report: A resounding success

pic 1

By Michelle Lim


What a blast Kaleidoscope was!

During that fun – filled week, we Dunmanians put away our books and surrounded ourselves with music, arts and culture during the biannual Kaleidoscope. Here are some of the highlights!

Kaleidoscope Opening Ceremony

A week’s worth of fun kick-started with a specially arranged version of our school song, performed by the Chinese Orchestra, String Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Choir! Check it out and listen to it being played to new heights.

pic 2

pic 3

Moove N’ Groove

pic 6

Ever fancied listening to a live jazz band? Dunmanians had the excellent opportunity of doing so, with the added bonus of an energetic tap-dance performance.

Dunmanians also got to watch a live lion dance performance, with the added bonus of helpful captions flashed on the screen explaining the different moves made by our athletic lion dance troupe members.

pic 7

Food Gala

Of course, who doesn’t love food? I personally had the privilege of watching dozens of hungry Year 5s tear out of the hall, running full-pelt for the hostel. Upon entering the area, albeit breathlessly (yes, I ran too), it was clear why we all suddenly turned into kiasu aunties and uncles.

Take a look at the culinary delights Dunmanians got to enjoy. Feeling hungry yet?

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

Gallery Walk

The Gallery Walk was a more relaxing affair, in which students roamed around the school grounds, immersing themselves in cultural activities with their friends. The booths amazed and entertained Dunmanians with activities and displays like Rangoli, Henna painting, Beijing Opera and even cosplay.

pic 12

pic 13

pic 14

pic 15


Dunmanians were treated to an hour’s worth of fun filled workshops, ranging from martial arts to cupcake decorating. Some lucky students even got to bring home keepsakes from the enriching sessions!

pic 19

pic 20

pic 21

pic 17

pic 16


Gala Concert

The stage was set.

With everybody dressed to the nines, guests and students quickly took their seats before Dunman High’s first ever Gala Concert commenced.

pic 22

The event started with a bang, as the JH Chinese Dance Society performed the Dance of the Tibetan People, a powerful piece that set the stage for a night’s worth of energy and life.

pic 23

The Senior High Chinese Society (Drama) gave a riveting and humorous performance, Le Strange, pushing the audience to wonder about the stories that lie behind ordinary objects left behind by people.

pic 25

Next up was a beautiful performance, A Dance Connects All, jointly performed by the Senior High Dance Society and Junior High EDS Dance. The dancers showed off their unique dance moves, from the elegant to the hip. The performance seems to have proven that dance does connects all, as evident from the supporting cheers from the gallery when D’Movement took to the stage.

pic 26


pic 27


pic 28

Our Mixed Instrumental Ensemble were amazing in their performance, Explosive. The stirring melodies and epic choruses brought the audience to the edge of their seats.

Fancy a story about a magic paintbrush? How about we get the choir to sing it to you instead? The Magic Paintbrush, though simple, was brought to life with our Choir’s pastel outfits and whimsical melodies.

pic 29

The first part of the concert was brought to a close with Dunman High’s Symphony Orchestra performing Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No. 1, G Minor, 1st Mvt. Pianist Hong Siyu was simply exquisite as she tackled cascades of notes seemingly effortlessly.

pic 30

After a 15 minute intermission, the Chinese Orchestra brought the audience forcefully back into the musical heaven with Winter, an upbeat and lively piece that excites one moment with its strength and vigour and in the next, pulls at the heart with its soaring, lilting melody.

pic 31

After CO’s magnificent performance, the Guitar Ensemble relaxed the mood with Jounetsu Tairiku, the theme song of the Japanese documentary of the same name. The samba-esque song made one feel like dancing to the beat, bringing a smile to many.

pic 32

The Symphonic Band shone, not just with their finely polished instruments, but with Do Enka Medley, a jazzy collection of old famous Japanese tunes traditionally sung by the Geishas.

The DHS Symphony Orchestra made a final appearance, performing the 1st and 3rd movement of Vaughan Williams’ English Folk Song Suite. It was powerful and invigorating, the piece’s hearty Englishness played to its full glory by the orchestra.

pic 33

The night then came to a beautiful end with our combined Chinese and Western Orchestras performing The Great Wall Capriccio, shining a spotlight on our wonderfully talented erhu players and violinists.

pic 34

Kaleidoscope 2014 was spectacular and better than ever, with top – notch activities and performances. It was an event I’m sure all Dunmanians will be proud to call their own, especially for the performers who put in hours of hard work into making Kaleidoscope such a resounding success. It is a colourful reminder that apart from academic success, Dunmanians also possess artistic talent that is flaunted to perfection by this event.

Photos courtesy of DHShoot






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