[Feel-Good March] Ego Booster: Ways to Boost Confidence

by Wu Jiahui

For many of us who are struggling with an identity crisis, or lost in the seas of despair with disappointing results, friendship-fallouts and need a hand in getting back on track, here are 5 little tips for you to boost your inner confidence.

Dress nicely. Pamper yourself with a warm shower and put on some decent clothing, even when you are at home or just out to study. Believe it or not, it works magic. It’s amazing how much a presentable outfit can impact your mood. When you dress well, you feel good about yourself too.

Be prepared. Arthur Ashe once said “One important key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation.” It’s difficult to be confident in yourself if you don’t believe that you have the ability to excel at something. Beat that insecurity with preparation. Imagine it as an exam: it would be hard to feel confident about scoring well if you didn’t study. If you studied really hard and gear yourself up,  you will feel much more confident. Life is a test, so expect the unexpected.

Be grateful. Learning to appreciate what you have will boost your self-esteem as you start to recognise the inherent advantages you have over others. Some of us tend to dwell too much on the negatives and forget the beauty of life. We could feel bad about ourselves as our eyes can be blinded by self-pity. If you are in this group, step out of that, recognise your wonderful qualities and learn to be grateful for what you have! Once you’ve done that, get ready to open your arms to embrace a surge of new-found confidence!

Exercise. This seems mediocre, commonly found on practically every self-help list. Yet, this is precisely why it is so important. Our self-esteem is often affected by the way we look, our body shapes and sizes. With exercise, you can get fit and feel more confident about your health and stamina (especially with NAPFA nearing).  Of course, it is extremely unhealthy to be stick-thin like some models, but exercising can definitely help you build up your immune system and make you feel better about yourself!

SMILE. One of the easiest and simplest tasks of the day, but also the most important. It is essential that you start the day on a good note to make the rest of the day a better one. So wake up, brush your teeth, and give yourself a big bright smile every single morning! Actually, why not give yourself a smile now? 🙂

Here’s Publications wishing everyone a feel-good-March!

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