14 Things To Do For Friendship Day

by Michelle Lim and Peh Min Hui

Friendship Day’s well gone and past now, but the week of love ain’t over yet! Want to do something more for your friends? Here are 14 gift ideas to spark up those creative juices!

1.For the more traditional types, a hand-made card given with lots of heart would be a great idea. That way, you won’t have to profess your (platonic) love for him or her with an unwilling audience in the canteen just before the marching song starts.1


2. Sing a song. Just ask the nearest angsty teen and he or she will most likely tell you that music is the voice to their ravaged soul. What better way to bare your heart to your friends by serenading them with a song? Just make sure that your voice is decent enough, lest they spend friendship day in hospital undergoing corrective ear surgery.


3. With the March common tests looming, the Year Sixes might find it difficult to devote time to their friends. Why not arrange for a quiet study date in the library? Though one might wonder if any studying could be done in the presence of a few welcome distractions, it certainly is a way for you to be secure in the knowledge that at least your best friend is as doomed as you are.


4. Give your friends a sweet surprise when they open their bags! Aside from pouring in a packet of sugar, one can slip in sweets and little notes of encouragement to cheer them on throughout the day. There’s nothing quite as reinvigorating as a sweet secretly eaten between marathons of lectures.


5. Have a meal together. Be it Crystal Jade Palace, Aston’s Specialities or even Yong Tau Foo at the school canteen, food facilitates conversation. Have a heart-to-heart while tucking into the best meal money cannot buy. At the end, your heart won’t be the only one that is full – your stomach will be as well!


6. Now, the truly health conscious, or those who are still naively sticking to their new year’s resolution to shed a couple of pounds, might not find the above suggestion conducive to their plans. Instead of feasting together, why not work out together? That way, at least you have someone to remind you to stick to your goal when you really want to give up and tuck into a big Mac.


7. Sometimes the best thing you could possibly give is an act of kindness. V–day is a “virtual organization” that aims to educate millions around the world about violence against women and girls. Remember, while you celebrate friendship day this week with your friends, there are girls who still live in terror and loneliness. Donate to V–day with your friends to help out! The fuzzy warm feeling that comes with a good deed is great enough a perk.


8. What better way to show your friend how much you love them than by greeting them with a light dusting of glitter?

Recommended dosage: a bottle or two, easily available from our school’s bookshop. Try not to get it in their eyes though; it’s nice to look at but not that up close.


9. Who needs chocolates and flowers when all one really needs in sunny Singapore is a cool refreshing drink, paid and queued for by a friend? Now that’s a proper gesture of friendship. Bottoms up!


10. Sometimes cheesy’s the best way to go. Ramp up your hand-made gift an extra notch by writing something motivational on every heart-sheet before folding them up.


11. Public declaration – Let the whole world know how awesome your friend is by sticking a variation of this on the back of an unsuspecting mate.


12. Actions speak a thousand words. Approach your friend with outstretched hands, soulful eyes brimming with meaning. Smile like you haven’t seen her for a few decades. And if she hasn’t run screaming towards the nearest pillar in a futile attempt to escape your grasp, embrace her with all your heart and soul. Use that warm gesture to let your friend know how much you love her, how grateful you are for her notes and that you’re still very sorry for causing that nasty chemical spill on her uniform.


13. What? Do I hear cries of disgust at the sheer unmanliness of that previous suggestion? Well excuse me if you’re too macho for hugs.

An alternative will be to give your mates a cool fist bump. This gesture has many alleged origins, but we often associate it with the mutual respect of each other and as a way of greeting.

Next time you see a friend, do a friendship brofist!


14. Dunmanians, hold your friends close, for good friends are rare to come by and even rarer properly cherished. A true friend will always be there whenever you need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or have the facts laid out to you kindly. It’s only fair that you reciprocate in kind. Our busy lifestyle and ‘mugging’ culture leaves little room for relaxation or socialisation, which makes the importance of a friend all the more paramount. The best gift you could ever give is your willingness to bare your heart and be that pillar of support for a friend 🙂



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