Centerstage – Interview with SAM GAN JING YING (Solo Finalist)


Any Dunmanian would be able to recognise Jing Ying’s unique, attention-grabbing vocals from the numerous school events she has performed in. This down-to-earth Year 5 student is one of six finalists in the Solo category in this year’s Centrestage competition.

Excuse me while I ‘spazz’ about how awesome your voice is.
Thanks haha… (pauses) Wait, have you been stalking me?

You’ve performed in many school concerts and events like D’Carn. What keeps you going?

I just love performing and the feeling of bringing entertainment to people. Whenever I get the chance, I try my best to make people comfortable and get into the music. I’m the kind who awkwardly dances to music I hear in department stores even though I dance really badly, but it’s that feeling of being “in the groove” and enjoying yourself that I want to pass on to people.

So what advice do you have for closet singers out there?

Just don’t be afraid of showing others who you are. For all you know, some people may not even be paying attention.

By the way, my voice didn’t use to be like this. It was quite unstable and I have to say I sang badly, not that it’s good now, but… Nevertheless, with determination and perseverance, and of course a little 死缠烂打 (extreme persistence), I’m sure you can achieve anything you set your heart upon!

What made you join Centrestage?

I’ve been in Centrestage since Year One. My uncle would pull out a guitar and shove me sheet music from time to time during my childhood and I really enjoyed being able to make music. So when I first heard of the competition, I decided to take part in it.

That’s a lot of experience! So what have you done to prepare for this year’s Centrestage?

Nothing much, really… Just longer shower times, if you get what I mean *winks*

Could you tell us what songs you will be singing at Centrestage?

That’s a secret! Come watch to find out!! Oh, and for those who haven’t bought tickets yet, come find me!

What can students expect from this year’s Centrestage?

Lots of singing, duh, and “yellow things” which are to be kept a secret.

Sounds exciting! Who are your musical inspirations? Do you have any favourites?

I have had many musical inspirations, ranging from cartoons to teenage Broadway singers. Since I was young, I’ve always been a fan of Michael Jackson. His music comes from the heart which allows them to reach others easily and I really admire how he has put in so much effort for the betterment of the world by engaging in charity work. It’s really rare to find such dedicated artistes who are so willing to give!

What’s the most inspiring piece of advice you have ever received?

Someone once told me to trust myself and “Just do it. Of course, it’s not that easy but I believe you can”. I’m not sure if he meant it this way, but it’s a driving force that reminds me to throw away all my worries and to give my best in all I do. Oh, and to stop doubting myself, that’s very important.

Come support Jing Ying at this year’s Centrestage (16 August, 7.30pm)!
Follow her Youtube channel at

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