SPORTS CARN ’13: Slow and Steady!

 by Cheryl Ann Chew

The matches were gruelling, exhausting and full of excitement for both the players and spectators of all four houses. If you didn’t catch the matches, here are some memorable highlights and moments!



All the players were enthusiastic, doing their best to swim after the ball despite the stinging salt water and the strong currents at sea. Players from different houses were laughing, smiling and even screaming together over the blinding effects of the salt water and their own fumbles with the wet and slippery ball. That was really heart-warming – the girls reminded all of us that while the Sports Carnival is known as a competition between the four houses, it is actually a celebration of the whole Senior High family coming together and finding joy and comfort in the difficulties we face.

The girls put up a strong fight in all their matches, but the overall champion of the Girls’ Water Captain’s Ball games went to… Kirin!



For the guys, the number of players in each team was fewer than the girls and, well, the guys don’t scream, but the matches were just as gripping! The seriousness of the match was reflected on the players’ faces, with the gameplay in continuous silence which caused spectators to tense up.

The match that stood out was the one between Homa and Kirin, which had players laughing together at the funny tactics that some of the players used. There was even playful taunting to liven the mood.

After several matches, it finally came down to Bennu versus Kirin, the top two houses of the 2013 Senior High Sports Carnival! Almost the whole Senior High student body gathered around the court in the water to witness this final deciding showdown! The match was intense, with players from both sides putting all their energy into bringing glory for their houses. It was make-it-or-break-it: the house that won would clinch the top place as the BEST house for this year’s Sports Carnival! The brave players from Bennu gathered their fire and put their best foot forward in the game, but lost by a mere 2 points to overall champion, Kirin. Congratulations to Kirin for clinching first place in Boys’ and Girls’ Water Captain’s Ball matches, as well as Champion for this year’s Sports Carnival!

All in All

This was a match of skills, perseverance and resilience between the four houses. Constant crashing of the waves and resistance of the seawater greatly restricted movement, but players of both genders, belonging to all houses, stepped up to the plate and showed admirable persistence, doing their best and going beyond their comfort zones to work together with their team.

In the end, it was really about celebrating the time spent together as a Senior High cohort, and learning the true spirit of sportsmanship. Thank you to all athletes for your awesome effort in performing the best for your house! Senior High, huat ah!

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