SPORTS CARN ’13: On the Fringe

by Lim Sue Qin

For those who did not participate in the competitive matches, fear not for here were some games organized by the student councilors to help us keep boredom away!

Limbo King

This is a common game that everyone would have at least attempted once in their life. The aim was to see who could bend and walk under a stick with the lowest distance from the ground. This game proved to be an advantage for the flexible… and short!



Sandcastle Building

Sandcastle building was judged for the house league points, therefore a few dedicated people were working hard under the sun to come up with a masterpiece. The eventual top prize went to Homa, who had the words 诚信勇忠 on their sandcastle. It sure pays to be devoted to the school!


Shoot It

This was a really fun game where the game master would use a water gun to shoot you. The aim was to use buckets to protect yourself against the ensuing water attack, but more importantly, use it to collect as much water as you can. A partner is allowed. It is quite a laugh to see your friends being so helpless as they try to fend off the water!

Push Push Baby

This is a game where you stand knee deep in the water and try to push the other person off his position only by palm contact. The punishment for losing is a good bath in seawater!

Eat the Snack

Adapted from Running Man, this game’s aim is for the contestant to ‘eat’ the end of a string attached at the end of the cap. The catch is to not let the water in the cups at the top of the cap to spill over. Does it bring to mind this image?


Slipper flick

This game was surprisingly challenging. One was supposed to flick slippers into buckets and accumulate points for doing so. It took quite a bit of practice before the participants managed to control their strength and not flick the slippers to the other end of the beach!


A bowl of coconut

A simple and delightful game of bowling using coconuts instead of bowling balls!


Ping pong piang

The aim was to make a tunnel for your ping pong ball and race your friends to the finish line by blowing the ping pong ball. It was a good and exciting game to play with friends!



Dunking machine

Needless to say, being on the dunking machine meant only two things: 1) you were the centre of attraction/laughter, 2) you were DEFINITELY going to get wet! Dunkees included Song Shan (ex-EP), Maverick (ex-Homa captain), Stephen (current President of the Student Council), CCA leaders and many birthday babies!



Joust ‘em off!

This game was definitely a source of laughter as well, as participants struggled to stay balanced, all the while trying to joust the other person off! Teachers were also seen participating – what did we say about violence not being accepted?







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